Proof of Purchase

Good morning, everyone. Today marks our first full week of touring. It’s incredible how such a short period of time can feel like such a long adventure. Thank you for your prayers, we have the blessing of making good time and of safe traveling.

Tonight, we will be worshiping God at a homeless shelter in New York City. We’re all looking forward to this because we will be able to spread the gospel to new ears. As a worship band, we deal with our brothers and sisters most of the time, so we’re excited for the chance to minister to everyone else. To give hope, love, and a relationship to Jesus to those who don’t have anything.

To get you up to date, we began our tour in Ohio. Proof of Purchase was able to fellowship with staff at King’s Domain Camp. We joined about 20 staff in the evening, and also after breakfast the next day. After the evening session, one staff came forward to a director and confessed some sin that was going on in his life. He was moved by the Holy Spirit [during the song “Surrender”], and didn’t feel he deserved to be in this position at camp. The director took this in grace and love, and talked it over with him. Please pray for all the staff at KD, that they would be open and let the Holy Spirit work through them like this young man. We will be heading back to King’s Domain this weekend to join with all the staff and also the campers!

The Second stop of tour was Philadelphia, PA…The church held 2 services Sunday morning in which at least 200 people attended all together… Also, a large youth group from North Carolina worshiped with us there. Please pray for this group as they complete their mission in Philly. Pray also that God would continue to use Bethel Temple for His glory, reaching out to the community in love…

Monday night POP joined with the summer project Tribeca at King’s College, located in the basement of the Empire State Building. There we joined with about 70 college age students, or freshly graduated adults. The team took extra time to praise God through the Psalms before leading others in worship. The road can be hard, and our focus can blur. Who needs sleep, right?! Thank you for your prayers, again. We receive strength.

For the past couple of days, we have taken the opportunity to explore the city…And through meeting the city and it’s people, and think we’re better equipped to relate to those at the shelter tonight. Please pray that God would call in His own tonight, and that POP will be his tool…

God bless you all, and see you in another week, Corbin and Proof of Purchase

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