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bsn.jpgblue sky nine’s 2nd and 3rd shows were in a former palace in Alexandria, which is now a center for the arts. The band’s drummer, Ryan Menzer, emailed the following about them:

The first crowd was college students and the second was open to the community. We achieve a primary objective in helping [our hosts] here to establish good relationships with the owners of the center for future events. Christian students attended and mingled with nonbelievers.

The band next played on a riverboat on the Nile! Everyone in the audience was given a book by Josh McDowell, and the band’s hosts will do follow up with them.

Here’s another excerpt from Ryan’s email:

Our next show was for the youth group of a church for foreigners working here. Most were American students and all of them spoke English. It was refreshing and fun to see many of them sing along with some of our songs! It was nice to have a full conversation with them, encouraging them and the youth group staff. All the students were totally jazzed about the concert and their leader was absolutely thrilled about not only Scott’s message but even our music and how it encouraged the many aspiring musicians in his group…

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