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Giants of Silence guitarist Sam Leo wrote of their February 20 concert,

“…we partnered with Teen Challenge – a Christian ministry/drug rehab center for teens. … A lot of the teenagers, and their family members, who were at the concert were either not Christians, or had recently become Christians as a result of the rehab program….On the comment cards, 12 people said they wanted to talk to someone about spiritual things, 13 said they wanted to get involved in a Bible study, and 3 made decisions for Christ!!”

From drummer Lindsay Boccardo:

On Thursday we played at UNAM-Fes Zaragoza. It was outdoors and there were over 300 students listening to our concert and message. We didn’t share the whole gospel because the campus is very sensitive about religious matters. In fact, professors have been fired for sharing the Gospel! Needless to say, God still worked and there were 31 students who wanted to talk further about spiritual things and 12 who wanted to be involved in a Bible study.

Here’s Lindsay’s take on the band’s final concert:

Our last concert was on Friday at El Hospital…a bar. Ironic, huh?
We played two concerts at 2 pm and 6 pm and the bar was packed both times! We told the students that we were there to be a spiritual help for them, along with the campus ministry there. The students in charge of the event got into over 50 spiritual conversations with the students…one girl even began to cry. After the concert, two girls approached our hosts and said they wanted to be involved with the group on campus…they weren’t sure what they believed spiritually and wanted to take the journey with these people! How cool is that? There is a LOT of follow up that will be happening as a result of that event.

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