Young Isaac On The Road

Hello Everyone!!!

Ed from Young Isaac here! We are currently in Harrisburg, PA and we’ve covered many miles on the road. It has been an exciting time and we’ve already seen many people come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior…

Our first outreach was at Christian Haven in Wheatfield, IN. It is a youth rehabilitation center for troubled teens. They were very ecstatic to hear us, and the gospel was well received. Several students indicated that they had accepted Jesus and many more were curious to talk about God.

After a long drive north, we found ourselves in Traverse City, Michigan where we did an outdoor show to the local neighborhood. It almost didn’t happen because of an issue with the power where when I flipped a switch there was a loud buzzing and a release of the magic smoke that makes power conditioner’s work. But a quick trip to Wal-Mart and a couple phone call’s later, we were back in business and rocking for Christ. Several more people here made decisions and indicated a longing to know God.

And to totally change the direction of our trip, we headed south to Harrisburg, PA. After two long days of travel, we got here, unloaded and got moving quickly. At this outreach we saw several more come to Christ and indicated that they want to talk more with us.

We’ve had some quirkiness so far, but it hasn’t been anything that God hasn’t gotten us through, so even though we’ve had a hiccup or two, it hasn’t stopped us from reaching the world for Christ. We’ve presented the gospel to over 150 people and have had over 30 say they want to know more about God and have had at least 12 say they are now brothers and sisters in Christ.

We will be heading to Boston, NYC, New Jersey, and Upstate NY in the next week, so pray for us as we put a ton of miles behind us and bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to those cities. Pray for our vocalist, our hands, our drivers, our ears, and for all those that we will come in contact with.

In Christ,


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