Proof of Purchase On The Road

…God continues to astound us all. Event after event we are blown away by the work He does. We are so thankful that the Lord is willing to purify our efforts and work through our weakness to reach needing hearts.

Sunday of this week was a busy day. We had two gigs, a morning worship service at River Oaks Community Church here in Carmel and an evening outreach in Brandenburg, KY. The worship service at River Oaks went really well…

Immediately following the service we loaded up and booked it south to Kentucky… We set up our instruments on a flatbed semi trailer, and had a blast ministering to attendees of all ages…we had many, especially the teens and younger adults, dancing and singing to the Lord. At the end of the night, two people had indicated via comment cards that they had come to know Christ as their savior, and four were interested in learning more about a relationship with God…

Tuesday we played a backyard back to school party for Student Venture here in Carmel. God brought a very diverse group of young people to hear the gospel, our testimonies, and our music. The comment card response was very encouraging, too. Many students indicated that the worship we led brought them nearer to the Lord.

Wednesday we traveled north to Sheboygan, WI, to play an evening worship set at Ryan’s home church. We were informed that the congregation was fairly conservative, but as we worshiped we were pleased to see people of all ages raising their hands and singing to God…

Last night we got to play a sweet outreach event at the Krauter’s house…Attendance exceeded what we had hoped for, and God answered our prayers by clearing up some rain before it became a problem. Probably the most amazing part of the evening was the reaction of the parents to what we were doing. They were just blown away that so many high-schoolers get together and have a great time praising God without any drinking involved.

As we round third and head for home, please keep praying for us. We have really seen a lot of challenges on this tour. Several of us have undergone personal struggles over the last couple of weeks. Pray for Lantie, her family, and her mom as she struggles with cancer. Pray for my family and me as we deal with the loss of my grandpa. Please pray for Brian, his family, and his friends back home as they cope with the loss of a close friend in a climbing accident. And as always, continue to pray for our travels and our ministry.

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