End of Touring for Swerve

Well here we are, back in Indy. Swerve has had an awesome tour! I know that we have touched many lives but I think that all of our lives will never be the same because of this summer. God has shown himself to each of us and has exceeded our expectations time and time again.
Last Friday we were at Langley Airforce Base. We played at a pool party. It was a small crowd but they were enthusiastic and by the end of the night we all got thrown into the pool! We weren’t able to do comment cards but there were some good conversations afterwards.
We traveled 15 hours back to Indy on Saturday. Sunday we had 2 concerts. Our first one was at the Indiana Women’s State Prison. This concert was amazing. There were 11 women who accepted Christ and many of them came up to talk to us afterwards. It was very moving to see how willing these women were to hear us and hear about Christ. Then our final concert was at our bass player, Brad’s church in Anderson. It was for a back to school youth group gathering. We had 13 people come to Christ! It was incredible. God amazed us beyond words that day.
So now we come to the end of the road. As I look back over these past 7 weeks there has been so many relationships built and memories made. I saw the Lord take a group of 14 strangers and transform them into a great team. I think the Lord blessed us greatly by showing himself to us through each other and through all the people we came into contact with. Throughout the summer we had 1,040 people hear the Gospel through us. 52 of those people accepted Christ and 30 of them came up to us after the concerts to talk about spiritual things. The things we experienced this summer are not expressible in words. Praise be to God our Father for all the miracles he did this summer.
Please keep us all in your prayers as we now go our separate ways. It’s such a bittersweet time but I think we are all excited to take what we’ve learned back to our homes and schools. Thank you so much for your constant prayers over the summer.
God Bless,

Lindsey, Anna, Christine, Charity, Liz, Bevan, Eli, Brad, Jordan, & Desi
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