Mangofish Says Goodbye


This is the last update from Mangofish!! We’re back in Indianapolis after our last two shows. We played in Fort Collins, Colorado, in the Larimer County Jail. It was completely different from any show we had played before, and was a little bit intimidating. At the same time, it was amazing to know that we had the opportunity to make such an impact in the lives of the people in our audience. We had seven people mark down that night that they had started a relationship with Christ, and we feel so blessed to have been allowed to be a part of that. Unfortunately, due to the prison’s rules, we weren’t able to talk to people after the show, but it was still a really great experience.

After Colorado we headed to Ames, Iowa for our last concert. We played in a concert venue called Zekes, which is owned and run by a local church. This show was bittersweet, but we had a blast and finished strong. Most of the members of our audience were members of the local church, and it was great to feel their hospitality and support as we finished off our tour.

We’ve been back in Indianapolis for three days now, and are getting ready to go back to our homes and campuses. Thank you so much for your prayers and support!!

Mangofish (Brandon, Ethan, JJ, Josh, Lindsay, Nolan, Sarah, Travis, and Stephanie)

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