Starting a Wave in Hungary

Last month I asked you to pray for the training team Keynote sent to Hungary August 21-29. I had the privilege of providing class materials and resources to the five trainers, who taught communication skills to some hand-picked college and high school students.

I was thrilled to read the following update sent by Pam Gaither, one of our trainers:

The team is doing well, and it’s been fun seeing the “ah-ha” moments in the faces and lives of the students. It’s always so amazing to watch the growth and transition in just one week of training. Even the students are excited about how they’re improving as communicators.

We have 17 students—ages 17 – 29. They have been eager to learn, and are really opening up their hearts and lives in the comm drills. A couple of stories:

  • A student having a very hard time with facial expressions and gestures asked Kristin [another trainer] to spend extra time after the comm drills. As they talked he realized his feelings had been so suppressed over the years he had no idea how to express them. We’re seeing significant effort and changes each day.
  • The students have expressed how glad they are to learn how to share the story God is writing in their lives NOW, not just the story of how they came into relationship with Jesus.
  • The youngest student: “I want to be the best communicator I can be, but didn’t know how. Then I came to the Keynote training. I never thought I needed eye contact; I never thought I needed to be aware of where I walk on stage. I was nervous. But as I’ve been learning these skills, the nervousness has been going away.”

Pam also wrote about the rave reviews the training team received from the Campus Crusade for Christ staff members who lead the student ministries in Hungary. They said the students were excited about returning to campus to apply the skills and spiritual input the training gave them. One staff member said, “You started a wave that we are now riding as we begin the new academic year.”

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