The Audition

In July, I posted a story from the Keynote Summer Project student film team of how God worked during shooting. Here’s another story from Pam Gaither, the team’s co-director.

The students on the film team really wanted to go on a short film outreach tour. But God said “No.” We did not really want to put the student film on ipods and smart phones and hit the streets. Only one of the students was excited about that idea. But God said “Go!” And we did. One student had never done such a thing; she overcame her reluctance. We all overcame our reluctance and “took the initiative in the power of the Holy Spirit, leaving the results to God.” Very fun. Very rewarding. All are now more open to doing this again.

The students are equipped to take the short film outreach program to their communities, youth groups, and campuses. And they’re also better equipped to use films in spiritual conversation with their peers.

When I saw the finished film, called “The Audition”, I was so proud of what our students accomplished! Watch it to see what you think:

The Audition from John Patrick Gaither on Vimeo.

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