Pray for “Big Break”

Tomorrow I leave for Panama City Beach, FL, where our team is helping to run three “Big Break” conferences. The heart of Big Break is to help college students grow in confidence and skill when sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through practical training, biblical teaching and hands-on experience we pray that they will discover the joy of helping to fulfill the Great Commission Jesus gave us in Matthew 28:18-20.

Cru conducts Big Break conferences every year during spring break, and since different colleges take spring break at different times, we run the one-week conference three times (March 4-11, 11-18 and 18-25).

Please pray:

  • for creative opportunities for students to share the gospel
  • that God would speak to the hearts of the all who attend
  • for times of rest and refreshing, especially for those (like me!) who will work all three weeks.

Thank you for praying!

Upcoming Worship Arts Weekend

Worship Arts Weekend logoAs students lead musical worship for weekly Cru meetings on their campus, they too can lead others to the throne of God. Every semester we conduct a Worship Arts Weekend training conference to help these students grow as both worshipers and worship leaders. Our next Worship Arts Weekend will be held February 17-19 in eastern Pennsylvania. This will be the first time we’ve taken this event “on the road” to another location outside of our Indiana facility.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our staff team to depend on God as we plan and execute the details needed to take this event off-site.
  • Pray for safe travel for the students and staff members heading to the conference.
  • Pray that God will work in the hearts of the students and help them grow as worshipers and worship leaders.

Thank you for praying!

Leading Students to the Throne

One of my teammates recently led worship at the Cru Winter Conference in Minneapolis. He later received this story from the conference director.

“There is a student named Brad [not his real name] from South Dakota State University. Brad is not a believer, but hangs around Cru all the time. Funny I know….he knows he’s not a believer, everyone else knows he’s not a believer, but Cru is his community. He actually grew up in a Christian home, but could never bring himself to place his own faith in Christ.

“At Winter Conference, you guys were leading us in the song ‘No Other Name.’ God started to do something in Brad’s heart. As the lyrics, ‘Chains will break as heaven and earth sing,’ were sung – Brad said he couldn’t help it…all of the things he heard about God growing up all clicked and he just had to make them his own. In the ballroom, as you guys were leading us to the throne of Christ through worship, Brad placed his faith in Christ for the first time.

“Brad shared this story at Campus Time. Then yesterday as the staff team gathered together, one of our staff girls shared that on that very day, as that song begin to play, the Lord placed a huge burden on her heart for Brad. In that moment all she could do was pray. She prayed that God would make himself real to Brad and that he would truly understand God’s love for him. She didn’t know what happened with those prayers, until Campus Time on the last night.

“The power of prayer, the power of worship, the power and pursuit of an Almighty God that never quits chasing us….

“Thanks for all you do…”

What a tremendous privilege to lead people to the throne of grace!


Looking Back and Looking Forward

calendarI sat at a restaurant Tuesday enjoying breakfast with my leaders and fellow project managers. We gathered to celebrate what God has done this semester, and I smiled as I listened to my friends tell stories of how they had seen God work.

  • One told about prison inmates coming to faith in Jesus through concerts by Anthem City, our new Christmas band.
  • Another explained how she created a website filled with resources to help Cru missionaries transition back to the U.S. after serving overseas.
  • One of our graphic designers announced that the book he wrote and designed has been sent to the publisher; High Ground is a mentoring guide to help free people caught in porn addiction.
  • I praised the great work my Emcee Training team did equipping 15 staff and student emcees to shepherd audiences toward Jesus.
  • Someone else reminded us of all the people who heard the gospel through our bands that toured Australia and the Republic of Georgia.

As I listened to these stories and at least half a dozen others, I sensed the hand of God directing our small team. I was encouraged to see how He is using our creative endeavors to accomplish His mission to win people to Christ, build them in their faith, and send them out equipped to reach others.

God is already providing significant ministry opportunities for me for the start of 2017:

  • Editing and promoting another set of 10 Rock Your Meeting videos for our growing library of free online lessons at or
  • Doing research and analysis for our team that is updating a Cru outreach strategy called Freshman Survival Kits
  • Serving on the event team for three one-week Big Break conferences in Panama City Beach, FL (March 4-25) where college students will learn through experience how to share Christ
  • Coaching and running sound and video at Comm Lab, our annual communication training conference, which will be held April 3-7 in Orlando, FL

As I look forward to a new year with so many exciting opportunities, please join me in praying for continued sensitivity to God’s leading, both for me personally and for everyone on our creative team.

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