Welcome to the first of many emails about God’s work within the ministry of Soul Seed! We are 4 days into are tour and God has given us safe travels all the way from Indiana to Virginia. We had some traveling buddies for our first stop, Young Isaac! Our first stop was VA Beach, Virginia on Friday were we were able to spend time with our brothers and sisters in Christ from Campus Crusade and Impact’s summer outreach projects. It was great getting to fellowship with them and very encouraging to see first hand how God is continually using the ministry of Campus Crusade across the country!

Our first show was on the main stage at Virginia Beach along with our fellow Keynote fam, Young Isaac! Young Isaac opened (and did an AWESOME job I might add) and we went on right after them. The most awesome thing about our show was that it was to a transient audience (an audience of people who happen to just be passing by and might stop to see the concert or might keep walking) on a stage located by a number of bars and clubs! God definitely knew what he was doing by placing us at the center of beach night life. We weren’t allowed to present the gospel through the spoken word but this didn’t stop us from singing it!!! Evangelism requires you to think outside of the box, and as we all know there are more ways to share God’s love than we can even imagine! It was awesome seeing people come from all parts of the beach to hear us sing about what Christ’s love means to us.

Many people told us after the show that they were drawn to us by the sound of good music but were captivated to stay throughout the show by the message within the songs. One older gentleman came up to us and stated how he had been homeless for the past four months and had just found housing that week. He believed that this concert provided him with a place were he could talk to God and thank Him for all His blessings. We also came across a group from Brazil who were in VA Beach on a missions trip. Janie was excited to see people from her neck of the woods and that made us happy because it’s always great to run into people from home!

Sunday morning we sang at Calvary Evangelical Baptist Church in Norfolk, VA. It was awesome seeing our Campus Crusade and Impact family supporting us again.

We are currently in Fredericksburg, VA, where this Monday we will have the unique opportunity to minister to an entire community through a block party/ concert! We are so excited about ministering and just getting a chance to talk to the people!!!!!

Please continue to pray for our travels and for future booking engagements as well. Our next stop is Louisville, Kentucky and then Columbia, South Carolina! Please pray for our band as a whole, that we will continue to endure and stay amped and prepared to minister to the people. Also pray for our audiences that they will have open and willing hearts to the voice of God, and for the seeds that have already been planted through our interactions and concerts that those seeds will continue to grow until they ripen! Lastly pray for us to be open to all the opportunities God places before us to minister to others whether it be at rest stops (we take a lot of those:-p), restaurants, gas stations…or any other place God gives us the opportunity! That’s all for this edition. Look forward to more wonderful news as good continues to move in and through us through out the East Coast!

Peace and Blessings,
Renee W. 1/10th of the Soul Seed Family

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