Proof of Purchase Update

Greetings from the Rockies!!!

We all arrived here on Saturday afternoon safe and sound, praise God! (special thanks to bus drivers Teresa, Kevin, and Mike:) The drive out here was awesome to behold, with the different sceneries and beautiful aspects of the different states. Driving up to the YMCA of the Rockies was especially breathtaking as we rose to our current altitude of 9,000 ft. I can’t put in to words all of our reactions when the first snow-capped mountain came into view…but wow! Our God is huge!

God has blessed us tremendously since we got here; we’ve been leading about 430 kids in worship each morning and night since Saturday eve.

There has definitely been warfare going on, both with quick rehearsals, adjustments to the altitude, and getting used to the dry climate, but God has His hand graciously placed on us, and we continue to pray for His strength and patience.

We’re starting to get to know some of the kids. I’ll put it this way, they rock! Some students have already come up to members of the band and said how blessed they feel by the worship this year. That kind of feedback has been such an honor to receive! It’s also been a privilege to see the hearts of the people who are running this conference. Their reverance and passion for the Lord is both apparent and inspiring.

Tonight, there is a Christian magician playing at the camp… Not sure exactly what to expect, but I know there will be levitation, bullet catching, and Jesus…what more do you need!? We’re especially excited to be reunited with our Keynote family, Swerve, as their first concert is here in Estes Park on Wednesday!!! I don’t know if they know this, but over 7,000 flyers were sent out with the local paper announcing both them and the magic show. Please pray God would get them here safely and do miraculous things through them while they’re here!!

Also in the prayer department, please pray that God would really break the hearts of everyone here and that the team would be annointed and willing to really lead these kids and the staff into the Throne room.

Also please pray for the band, that we would reflect Christ in our interactions as well as remain well rested and healthy. (Especially the singers who are drying out their voices pretty quickly up here!)

God bless you all and know that you are also in our prayers and thoughts! We love you guys.

In His love and grace,
Christy A. :)

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