Conference done, wow!

Hello Everyone,

Blessings and hugs from POP! Well, we are now in Fort Collins, CO, and looking forward to a day and a half off before our next gig at CSU. The Student Venture conference ended today. It was bittersweet to leave.

The sweet came from the fact that we are all seriously exhausted. The bitter came from having to leave our new friends and move on from the amazing things God did.

We had the privilege on both Tuesday and Wednesday to lead the kids in worship before and after Josh McDowell spoke. Talk about an honor! It’s hard to put into words, but God was there in a powerful way. Looking out over the crowd we saw kids dancing, weeping, shouting, lifting their hands, jumping up and down, kneeling before the stage, and just totally lost in their Jesus. Many of us were overcome more than once during the worship. I know on Wednesday night, I personally had to ask God for the strength to get out the words of In Christ Alone, God’s presence was so tangible.

After we were done many kids began coming up to us and telling us how much our leading had meant to them. One girl told Kristen the worship had changed her life. A boy named Micah came up to us and said that he had never been able to raise his hands in worship before, but something in him just had to that night. Another pretty big guy came up to Jay with as horse a voice as you can get and said scratchily, “I lost my voice singing.” The kids were awesome! Being able to see them enter true worship was more than humbling. We are all so grateful to God for the honor of being a part of these kids’ lives, even for a week.

Please, lift up a prayer of thanksgiving for how faithful and amazing our God is. He gave us the strength to continue on through the week. He more than answered our prayers in terms of allowing us to truly lead these kids to His throne room, and he maintained the singers voices as well, which was a concern. Please pray that God would finish the work He’s begun in everyone involved with the conference. Please also pray that this would not be just another conference for these young people, but that they’d grab hold of what God did in them this week and use it as a springboard into greater intimacy with and service for Him.

We love you guys! God bless.

With a smile,
Christy A.

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