Soul seed connection 2

Hello friends,

God has definately shown us favor over the past few days. We have been in Fredricksburg, VA staying with a great host family, Lori D’s cousins, Glen and Trish! They have been such a blessing to us, and we have gleaned a lot of wisdom from them. They have three of the most adorable children and these three little girls have loved on us since day one. You should have seen us this morning getting hugs and kisses and then blowing kisses to them as we drove away. We wish we could take them on the road with us but they have to be in bed by 8:00pm!

We did a concert for the community and saw about 70 people come out, mostly families and kids. It was great watching the kids dance, run around, run on stage (:-p) and have a safe environment to be free. Parents danced with their kids, danced with each other, danced with their dogs….well you get the picture, it was an awesome atmosphere of love.

The majority of attendees were Christians, and many were in need of encouragement and said they received it that night. Crystal told a story of a homeless woman that illustrated the unconditional nature of Christ love. The message within this story was so clear that a little girl wrote on her comment card that she felt for the homeless woman and would pray for her and people like her every night that God would bless them.

It was a blesing watching not only adults but also children being attentive to the gospel and our testimonies.

We are now on our way to Louisville, Kentucky and are about to embark upon a nice long ride! Yippie! Keep us in your prayers (safe travels, health, unity, and anointed ministry) as we will continually be praying for you.

With the Love of Christ,
Renee W. 1\10 of the Soul Seed family

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