Howdy folks,

We’re winding down now. Today we started our first outdoor concert at the school where darren’s brother works. As soon as we started, the rain began. They adjusted the set and had Jake hurry up and share the Gospel…then the floodgates opened and we all ran to grab equipment and get it to a dry place. It poured. First good rain they’ve had in that area for 2 years. We saw it as God’s protection on Seth’s voice.

Please pray for Seth. His throat is hurting considerably and we have 3 shows tomorrow and then one on Wednesday. He fasted from talking today so we’re trusting that will help. Others have had health issues as well and colds seem to be on the rise so pray for protection from them…fatigue has hit so pray for energy & stamina.

Know that we pray for you and are anxious to see you all again.

Rejoicing in Him,

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