Still in CO

Well Good Morning Everyone,

Surprisingly, POP is still greeting you from Colorado! But, hey, the Lord’s got a plan, so I’m not frettin’! :)

Here’s an update:

Chris, our drummer, is back to his normal, crazy-energetic self. I’d say he was feeling better about 48 hours after he went to the hospital.

Praise God!

Our bus, Eugene, was fixed at about 10:00pm last night. We were hoping he would be as resiliant as Chris, but no such luck. When Amy, Mike, and Teresa showed up at the garage, they still didn’t have the part Eugene needed. So, the rest of the band found themselves in a mall for about 10 hours. There are definitely worse places to be, but to quote our worship leader Jay, “I never want to see another mall again in my life.”

Please pray for people’s health. Amy, one of our directors, got sick over the weekend, but her fever broke and she’s also better now. This morning, Kevin, our bassist, isn’t feeling well. Please pray for our road manager, Kristen, as she has now had to re-work our route 3 times and has had to call different hotels cancelling and setting up our stays. She is working extremely hard. Please pray for all of our health, and lastly, please pray for extra patience and grace for all of us, as it’s frustrating when plans change or boredom comes. BUT, the peace of God surpasses all understanding, and that’s what we’re putting our hope in.

OH! We need prayer to get back on time. It took us two ten-hour driving days to get out here, and we don’t have two full days until our last show, which is Wednesday at 7:00pm in Indy. In about 5 minutes we will pack the bus and be on our way back to Indiana.
We love you guys, and you are in our prayers!!

In His love and hope,
Christy A. :)

P.S. Please say a prayer of blessing and thanksgiving for the Harty family who took us into their home from Friday to this morning. They graciously opened their home even though we weren’t doing a show for them, and their Christ-like example has been a blessing and encouragement to all of us!!!!

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