Young Isaac #3

Hey y’all …

We just wrapped up a week in New Jersey. We were blessed with some really awesome host families while we were there. We stayed with an older couple who have a gorgeous home (pool, hot tub, and beds for all seven of us). They were some of the most generous people I’ve ever met .. apparently they have travelers staying with them nearly ever weekend.

Our shows have been going well. We’ve had no major equipment meltdowns or on-stage disasters and several people have accepted Christ. God has definitely blessed us with a relatively smooth tour.

We’re in Charleston, West Virginia, right now. Lindsay (our drummer), Fabrice (guitarist) and myself did an interview with a local radio station to promote tonight’s show. I made the mistake of mentioning on air that Lindsay can beat-box (she’s no longer speaking to me, by the way). Lindsay threw down a fat beat, though, and the DJ rapped … his best rhyme was “I’m frumpy, I’m lumpy … I like my oatmeal lumpy.”

Rahlo, look out.

See y’all back in Indy!
Young Isaac

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