Soul Connection 4

Hello All!

Well we are finally back in Indy and it has been QUITE a journey. I’m still not over the loooong van ride from South Carolina back to Indiana but I thank God for his angels protecting us through our travels.

On Sunday we had what could be considered one of our most memorable days of TOUR ever. Six members of the band (myself included) were able to teach Bible Study to the soldiers. Are bible studies were each focused on either the Four Laws or the Satisfied booklets. In the bible studies we were able to go through the booklet with them, share our testimonies, and lead them to Christ! It was life changing seeing a room of 150 soldiers and having the oppurtunity to share with them the gospel. The enemy was definately upset about this wonderful oppurtunity and he tried all in his might to hinder us from ministering to the soldiers.

We were unable to get on base because we could not find our insurance and registration papers for the van and with the tight security of most bases we were not going to be able to use bible study as an excuse to go against the rules. After what seemed like HOURS, we were able to find something suitible to get us on base. Our wonderful host, Bill, took the time to take several trips back and forth from the classrooms to the gate to make sure that we all got in safely and this assured us God was definately going to move through us in bible study. Although our lateness caused three members to not teach bible study about 40 soldiers accepted Christ during the two bible studies we did have.

Later that evening we did a concert for another group of soldiers. People always say Soul Seed has amazing energy….but let me tell you ….that night I think we almost broke the stage with the amount of energy we had. The soldiers were awesome and we thoroughly enjoyed sharing God’s love with them.

We are back in Indy now and have one more show scheduled for tomorrow so please keep that in your prayers. A number of band members have been dealing with different health issues like colds, back aches, head aches…etc. so please lift up our health and strength as we close this chapter in our band’s history. God is so AWESOME and I can speak on behalf of all of my fellow bandmates when I say that I am humbled and honored that he chose us to fulfill this purpose. I love you all and CANNOT wait until we meet again in a few days.

Be Blessed,
Renee W
1/10 of the Soul Seed Family

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