Proof of Purchase Update

Hello all!

…So far things are going great! The first weekend on tour we led worship at Trinity Church and all three services for Common Ground!

It was an awesome experience to get to share God with so many believers!

We headed up to Traverse City, MI and led worship for the summer project students up there Tuesday night. It was awesome to see God working through these students! They were so hungry to just be able to worship instead of worrying about leading themselves.

The next day involved a pig roast with a church up there called New Hope. And when I say pig roast, I mean complete with the huge pig!

It was amazing! We led worship after dinner to an awesome crowd!

Our poor bus had something break, not really sure what it is…it has to do with the undercarriage I think (sorry for my lack of details, I’m not much of a mechanical girl) but tomorrow we leave the bus and adopt a 12 passenger van and a Penske truck for the duration of tour.

There are 11 of us, so keep us in your prayers while we adapt to the change! I’m sure God will move no matter what we’re riding in!…

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