Young Isaac is reporting back again!

Hello again Everyone!

Finally we have internet again!

We are currently in Fargo, “Don’cha Kno” North Dakota. It is really nice up here and it’s a great break from the 100 degree weather we have gotten used to.

Young Isaac played a couple shows since the last email, most recently in Fergus Falls, Minnesota at Java 101 coffeehouse. This was an awesome encouragement for all us because the local Life Church was an amazing support for everyone. The band also prooved themselves when they rolled with the punches of intense heat and other obstacles such as light malfunctions. They presented an awesome Gospel and everyone responded really well. We also had great hosts who showed us the town.

The other show they played was in Little Rock Arkansas at a Youth Group pool party. This was a little discouraging because of heat and most of the kids being in the pool the whole time. God once again came through again (of course) when the sun was hidden by trees and one girl named Kori recieved Christ at the pool. Also, one of our hosts’ children, Chase, also had some great talks with us as he was a growing believer and was really excited about the Keynote program.

Everyone is excited about the next few days and shows! I will keep in touch!

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