Infinit Impact

Life on the road is great! We’ve seen God do amazing things since we have been on tour. God has given us so much favor with host homes; we’ve met some great people and we’ve been to some beautiful places (Virginia Beach was really cool).

Let me share with you our experience in northern Virginia at a juvenile detention home. Our hearts were grieved as we [saw] young teenagers between the ages of 12-18, dressed in blue jump suits escorted into the gym where we were performing. They came in with…stone hard faces. As a group, we were worried that they would not receive our music or our message. It was amazing to see the transformation as we went through our program. God soften their hearts to receive our message. We saw kids crying and dancing with vibrant smiles. 35 out of 55 kids gave their lives to Christ that night. After the concert, we had the opportunity to talk to the teenagers and to encourage them in their walks. This experience has strengthened our faith as a group. We’ve learned to trust God; even when it looks like people are not going to be receptive to our message. Overall, there have been 58 people who have invited Christ into their lives since we’ve been on tour. Praise the Lord!!!We are now headed to Alabama. Please pray that God will continue to work in the lives of the lost. Please that God will continue to keep our band focus on our primary goal.

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