Only just the beginning for Mangofish 2007 tour

Hey Keynote!

Tour is nothing short than AMAZING so far. I`ll just let you in on the highlights. Right off the bat, we had a little tire trouble about a few hours into tour. We found a nail lodged into left rear side of the Expedition. A day later, the bearings came off of our trailer. On top of that, someone ran over the parts! Randall and Jay took good care of us and got our tires in the shop a.s.a.p.

Our first concert was located in North Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. It was really cool to meet other summer project people that are based there. Our concert was held outside on a nice rented stage. They closed off an entire street for us. It was the perfect setting as well because we were surrounded by rented apartments filled with just graduated highschool students. For the majority of our audience, their main focus was to hear music and get intoxicated. Jay’s message was given, and while the audience screamed “Free Bird” half of the time, they never left and heard everything Jay had to say.
Later, we found out that 6 people started a relationship with Christ that night! Way more than we expected.

The second concert was the very next day in South Myrtle Beach held in the parking lot of the summer project motel. And while the audience ended up being mainly summer project students, we had very effective talks after the show with a group of Russian guys.

The next day was a concert in Fort Jackson at the military base. The soldiers we very appreciative of our show. They had a good time. At one point, a soldier was doing the worm!

All in all, every one of our shows have been successful. We have always had at least someone start a relationship with Christ and multiple people check the box about wanting to talk with someone about spiritual things.

I`ll keep you updated on upcoming events!

In God’s Love,
Amanda from Mangofish

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