Young Isaac: update one

We had our second show tonight. It was rad. We played in the corner of a large Starbucks in Indiana for a small audience. It was very intimate, especially in comparison to the outdoor-shopping-plaza concert we played the day before. The small space was quite fun because we could interact with the audience more from stage. People laughed every time I said the word “coffee.” I had no idea what was going on.

“We’re going to take a ten minute break, so go grab a cup of coffee…”
“But if you’re not a big fan of coffee…”

Eventually our singer, Grace, chimed into the other mic and said “You say ‘coffee’ like a minnesotan, Ryan.” Aha! They were laughing at the hardcore Midwestern accent I sport around (If you don’t believe Minnesotans have an accent, listen to yourself say the word “toast”…
then you’ll understand). It was too much fun.

One of the coolest things happened tonight. The audience was mostly CRU [Campus Crusade for Christ] staff members, with a few strangers going in and out, stopping to listen for a few minutes. It was a little disheartening; I prayed that people that needed to hear the Gospel would stay during that time. Get this: Right before I began to give the gospel presentation, about seven people walked in individually. I got to watch them engage while they stood in line, waiting for their drinks. No blenders went off. No distractions. The timing was incredible.

The people didn’t stay around for the whole show (though one lady sat for ALMOST the entire performance), but they heard the most important part. How cool is that? To God be the glory, not us. He’s rocking it out behind the scenes for all we know, and I don’t want to forget that. This is about Him. Praise Him.


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