Young Isaac: update two

As of last night, we have a new brother in Christ.

A skinny, tall, long-sideburned skater named Brian attended our basement show at the University of Michigan. He was invited by one of the local CRU guys, and sat curiously in the back corner of the venue.

I got a chance to talk with Brian after the show; he actually approached me and said “thanks for what you said… you know, for telling your story. It was really cool.” How humbling and encouraging, huh? We talked about his future plan as a massuese (masoose? masuise?); or massage therapist. We talked about Canada. We talked about his frat house, and how enormous it is. We never got into a truly spiritual conversation, let alone the Gospel, but this guy was full of joy. It made me grin inside.

Later, during the debrief, we went through the comment cards. Grace (our amazing vocalist/guitarist) stopped on one with an excited look on her face. Someone marked that they had prayed to receive forgiveness and start a relationship with God at the show. Our ears all perked up.

It was Brian.

Praise God.


Also, Heather initiated a really engaging spiritual conversation with a guy named Dennis last night. Props, Heather. He isn’t a believer, but he was very open and curious. Pray for Dennis and Brian.

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