Young Isaac: update three | God wins.

Howdy ya’ll. we’re camped in beautiful ol’ Medora, North Dakota, legendary home of president Theodore Roosevelt…Last night’s show took place right in the Corral area of town. It might have been the most difficult show yet, between the killer mosquitos and melting heat… to the screaming children riding tricycles (not ponies?) in the front. The gospel presentation was tricky. An obnoxiously loud train blared its signal multiple times during the actual salvation part of the message. I almost lost composure because it caught me so off guard. I half expected to see a big black train round the corner with Satan in the engineer’s seat, smirking menacingly. It’s crazy how a quick prayer and the grace of God can get you back on track.

Three people accepted Christ at this show. I don’t believe you could base it on the fluidity of my message. This was completely the power of God…

The Medora Summer Project is awesome. We got a chance to hang out with the sixteen CRU [Campus Crusade for Christ] students and talk to them about how their ministry is going. Man, what humble hearts these people have… they had very servantlike attitudes toward their unbelieving coworkers. We hit up a bonfire, and got to watch their relational evangelism in action. Mighty good times.

… the previous two shows were at homeless shelters. They were amazing… the people were so grateful and encouraging. They were just as much of a blessing to me as we may have been to them…Anyway, get this:

Eight people accepted Christ at the Union Gospel Mission in Minneapolis!
Three people accepted Christ at the Churches United Shelter in Moorhead!


Thank you everybody… if you could pray that we will be filled with energy and joy as we continue the tour, that would be very much appreciated. Miss ya’ll.


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