MangoFish in Tennessee

…Before we left Daytona, Florida for Tennessee, we had a chance to go to church on Sunday! We all decided on a drive-in Sunday morning service! Let me tell you it was an experience! When we arrived there, we had someone meet us at the driver’s side door asking if we wanted to take communion, and we were handed little cups of grape juice and bread. When we found a spot to park, we tuned our radios to 88.5 and listened to the preacher. We could see him move every once and a while from the church balcony he was preaching at. It definitely proved that you can worship God anywhere!

We are now in Tennessee at a kids camp ministry. These kids range in age from 8th graders to seniors in high school. During the day all of the kids are gone working on fixing up broken down houses and things like that. There are two different sites for this camp. Last night we performed for the kids on the campsite 45 minutes away. It was really laid back and half of the kids went to bed…it was a little discouraging to see, but after the concert we had plenty of kids that were excited to talk to us. I think we all realized that its not the size of the audience that matters, it is the amount of people that we touch.

…Tour has definitely been an amazing experience!

Your sis in Christ
Amanda from Mangofish

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