Infinit Impact Update

God has been doing some amazing things through Infinit! The tour has truly been a time where each of us have seen God in a new way. I haven’t been able to update you frequently on what’s been going on so I want to take this time to tell you how the tour has been to this point so please forgive me if this update is a bit longer than you expected it to be.

Our first concert was in Lanham, MD at a a church picnic and God truly moved. We were all a bit nervous and weren’t sure of exactly how things would be now that we had left the protective environment that we had at Keynote, but once we got up and began to minister God showed up. We saw eight people give their lives to Christ and although it was a church picnic it was held in a park so many people from the community came over because they heard the music. It was an awesome experience.

The next day we led worship at a church in Temple Hills, Maryland and then that afternoon we did an outreach concert at that same location. We saw God move again.

It was the next day that I personally felt like I saw exactly why God had us to be a part of this music project. We had a chance to minister in Richmond, VA. Although we were working in conjunction with a church, we did our concert outside of a recreation center in a housing project. It was so amazing to see how powerful God is and how he truly can use his people to be light in darkness. Before we performed we were told that we were in the roughest housing projects in Richmond and someone had been shot and killed that very morning. But God gave us the boldness to perform in the same manner that we had rehearsed and people were literally drawn to the area that we were outside. It was about 98 degrees outside so we passed out Popsicles and just believed God to bring people out. We saw many people come to Christ and just saw a greater sense of peace in that area while we were there. That to me was the turning point in tour when we were able to see how God truly wanted us to go outside of the church and minister to all people.

We continued to see the power of God as we went to our next location in Alexandria,VA at a maximum security juvenile detention center. We saw those kids go from looking hard and disinterested to them not wanting us to leave when we finished. Many of them expressed to us just how glad they were that we came, and that they wanted to get involved with us once they got out.

God continued to show up in our concerts as we moved to Pennsylvania. We went to a local community center and performed at their end of the year banquet. That was amazing to see just how engaged the kids were and how they really wanted to get to know us. We then moved to Philly and did another outdoor concert in an impoverished area. Once again God used the music to pull people out again.

One of the biggest highlights of our tour occurred a couple concerts later in Virginia Beach, VA. We had concerts on the boardwalk at 8:30 pm and 10:00 pm. God truly allowed us to be free in Him. It looked like a party on the beach. People came and were engaged. They gave us energy and were not ready for us to leave. God gave us an awesome sense of credibility with the audience which allowed us to effectively minister to them.

That brings us up to the last few concerts that we did. We ministered at both an all mens and all womens juvenile detention center in Birmingham and once again God gave us credibility and allowed them to receive us and to allow us to minister to them.

We then went to two churches, one in Birmingham two nights ago and one in Alpharetta, GA last night. Both concerts were in front of youth and truly allowed us to connect with them. We saw many people come to Christ.

We have two more concerts left. One tomorrow and one Sunday. I cannot wait to see how God is going to close out this project. We have all grown so much spiritually and are amazed every time God moves through us and saves his people.

Thanks for reading, we appreciate all of your prayers and support!

Best Regards,


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