Proof of Purchase Underway

Our first gig was a great success, although perhaps in a different way than any of us were expecting. Proof of Purchase was invited … to lead worship for a backyard gathering. The event was for the students, faculty, and families of a Christian school that had just split into two separate schools due to a conflict of philosophies. The evening opened with games and a delicious potluck, and our worship set followed. At first we were surprised that many people opted to just sit and talk rather than worship with us. However, after everyone had gone home, Peggy [their host] explained the situation to us. Many people, students and adults alike, were seeing each other for the first time since the split. They were spending the evening catching up with each other, and many of them commented that our music was a welcome blessing to listen to while they talked.

As I write this, we are on our way back from our second gig in Holland, Michigan. This weekend we were invited to Ridge Point Community Church to be guest worship leaders at four services, one Saturday night and three more Sunday morning. Although Ridge Point is a large church, we felt as if we were welcome brothers and sisters there. It was both exciting and a little frightening to lead worship for so many people (over 2000 all told), but God allowed all four services to go extremely well. We had the opportunity to talk to many members of the church after each service, and were blessed to hear how our music and enthusiastic worship had allowed them to draw nearer to the Lord.

If you are interested in seeing us in action at Ridge Point, the service was recorded and will be posted online at the church’s website by the 23rd. Please be praying for Proof of Purchase as we follow where God has prepared on this tour!

Your brother,

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