Proof of Purchase Travels

This is Jordan again with PoP on the road. Wednesday afternoon we attended a cookout with the youth of Grace Missionary Church in Celina, OH. We had a blast just getting to know the kids, playing volleyball, and swimming in the pond. After eating some hot dogs and getting dominated at foursquare, we headed to the church to prepare to lead worship. The event itself was well attended, with between 30 and 50 of the youth making it to the church to join us. It was really fun to see so many young people lifting their hands in genuine praise and dancing in the aisles. After the music was over the youth and adults alike were eager to talk to us, and doors to many meaningful spiritual conversations were opened.

Lantie with PoP here in Marysville, Ohio. Thursday night we played two shows at the county fair in a tent sponsored by a local church. We were informed that the local community is very rooted in tradition, as opposed to a real relationship with Christ. As expected at a fair, the audience trickled in and out of the tent, while other passers-by paused outside of the tent. Jordan recalls that while Casey was sharing his story on stage, the kids playing mini-golf next to the tent stopped to listen. Several comment cards were particularly encouraging. One woman wrote that she had not been to church for months, and raised her hand in worship for the first time that night. Another wrote that she was deeply touched by the testimonies.

(Jordan again) Last night was another blessed night for us. We decided to make both shows more like concerts in an effort to bring in people to hear our gospel presentation. The tent we played in was a great location for us because it was very near the entrance to the fairgrounds. After the tractor pull hundreds of fair-goers passed by, and many stopped in to listen to our music. After our last show, we got to meet a family of five who had listened to the entire concert. Upon hearing Jodi’s presentation of the Gospel, Charity and Sandra, the two daughters of the family, both prayed to receive Christ! Brian, the pastor of Heritage Church (who owned the tent we were in) also informed us that our music gave him invaluable opportunities to speak with local people from the community and invite them to become part of the church family.

Please continue to pray for our mission, our travels, and our health!

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