News about RITMO D (Destino)

…The past week has been tough for the band, there have been small conflicts here and there, we have been feeling extremely tired, and things just seem to be harder and harder. But in this desert land we have found fountains of living water and we have experienced the great mercy and love of God to us. We all know that being on tour is fun and exciting but at the same time a challenge. A comfortable bed and a good breakfast feels like heaven sometimes. Our visit to Vineland New Jersey was just like that. This is Nellie’s home town. They made us feel loved and welcome from the first day. We stay there four days and three nights and every minute of it was amazing. Our hosts treated us so well that it felt just like home.

Two of our concerts took place at Vineland. The first one was at Chestnut Assembly church where our band played for their youth service. Everyone was excited that day. They were all clapping, dancing, and singing. A girl named Skye had just come to know the Lord ten days before the concert. She is also a musician and she was very encouraged by our music. She expressed to one of our band members that the music moved her to tears. It was very touching to see how God can use His stewards to make a major impact in others people lives.

The second concert took place in a small church called Massai. Really it was very small but what we experienced in there was bigger than anywhere else…That night two names were written in the book of heaven. One of them was Ashley, a beautiful half African American, half Dominican girl who was adopted and had never made the decision of giving her life to Christ. The other new believer was a 26-year-old man named Juan Carlos that said, “You guys are amazing. I truly felt you were sent here tonight to speak to me. God bless you all.”

During our debrief time God placed in Christy’s heart for everyone to kneel before Him and lift prayer and praise for all He did that night. The words to describe what happened that night don’t exist. That night the Lord confirmed to us that the only way we will succeed and survive as a team is through prayer.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this e-mail. God Bless you all!



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