Swerve – Downtown Estes Park

This was a wonderful partnership with Student Venture — the High School Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ! We performed in a small park downtown and the students talked with people who stuck around to hear our concert!

Joey’s guitar neck broke when we were covering the equipment to shelter it from the rain. By God’s grace, Proof of Purchase was also in Estes Park, and Charles was gracious enough to lend Joey his extra guitar.

We started a fan club with Josh and Jericho – two little boys who came to our concert and decided to come to the next 2 in Ft. Collins. They were so supportive and they brought their whole family to our next concerts!

Lindsy was able to talk to a girl who struggled with drugs and anorexia before the age of 14.

Laura got to talk to a married couple after the concert — and through a conversation about the gospel — Nina, the wife, got to share her faith with me in front of her non-believing husband. She asked that I pray that they would one day share the same belief in Christ. The Lord held back the rain and gave us an awesome time setting up and spending time with Proof of Purchase who was leading worship at the Student Venture conference at the Estes Park YMCA. While most of the audience was made up of Christian students, we did have a chance to minister to Guy — a 19 year old guy (I know it’s redundant) who works in Estes Park and is really searching for truth and true friends. We prayed for him and are still praying that the Lord would lead Him to salvation and new life.

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