Swerve Update 2

Hey everyone! This tour has really been teaching us as a band to trust God and to just know that he is in control of people’s hearts. We’ve been a little down because in total we’ve had 6 salvations, and we’re always tempted to say “only” 6 salvations. But honestly – how awesome is 6? By playing some music we’re going to have 6 new friends in heaven.

Plus we don’t know how many peoples lives will be touched through those 6 people dedicating themselves to Christ.

For example, in West Virginia we had this one Chinese man who could barely speak english talk to Scott, one of our hosts, for a while, and he checked off on the comment card that he started a relationship with God. That was so awesome to see since he comes from a place where religion doesn’t even exist. So if he shares his new faith with his family and friends – we all know the wonders God can do!

Then today we played in my (Carissa’s) hometown and one of my friends that I’ve been witnessing to but hasn’t really wanted to know God personally was really touched by Sharon’s testimony, and now he wants to know more about having a personal relationship with God. Praise the lord! We also had a pretty large non-Christian crowd and it was just awesome to see seeds being planted everywhere.

We are so excited about how everyone else is doing on tour and so proud of everyone’s hard work. Even though we don’t want tour to end, we can’t wait to see each other back in Indy!

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