U.S. Staff Conference

A few days ago I returned from Campus Crusade for Christ’s U.S. Staff Conference, held every other year at Colorado State University. I heard wonderful speakers, including Dr. Joseph Stowell, outgoing president of Moody Bible Institute, and Dr. Alice Mathews of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and RBC Ministries. On a bittersweet […]

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Changed Lives

Music is a unique and powerful medium of communication. When Spirit-filled musicians express God’s unchanging truth through the music of the culture, God uses it to change lives. That was evident in the email updates the Keynote Summer Project bands sent to each other (and those of us who stayed […]

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Open post

POP goes the weasel

Good morning everyone, Christy A. here, with a final update from the POP brigade. We got back to Indiana in time to do our final concert, PRAISE GOD. However, it was a battle. Eugene’s air conditioning broke down again in Nebraska, so we picked up a fan to at least […]

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