Destino On The Road!!!

Destino on the road- Three days ago we started an exciting adventure with the Lord. Everything seems to be a dream and no one wants to get up. So far we have applied many things that we learned in our training in the past week.

Our first concert took place at University @ Buffalo SUNY. As soon as we arrived things started to get tough. The stage in the auditorium was small and had a table bolted in the middle of it. Our percussionist unbolted it and moved it for us. Such details upon arrival are worrisome, but how can God be glorified if everything is perfect? After this thought we tried to remember that our Lord had control over the situation. The concert was great, though to a small audience (about 13)! A person from our beautiful audience wrote, “amazing…so anointed.” Another said, “I would like to purchase a CD if there are any.” Even though many students couldn’t stay for the entire concert due to their academic responsibilities, the host of the concert said we were an amazing encouragement and wants to work with us again in the future. Once again the glory was only for God!

Next thing you know and we were once again on the road. The map in the road manager’s hand indicated our way to Rochester New York. We were very motivated when we found out the concert was going to be an outreach in a very bad neighborhood, where people’s hearts are extremely in need of God’s grace and mercy. The first concert took place outside in the church parking lot of called Light of the World. It was marvelous; two people were saved that night, and one person rededicated their life to Christ. Hallelujah! One of them commented about one of our lead singer’s testimony, “Cristina, what you said…really touch me. Too many times I feel like I am isolated with nowhere to go, alone until I realize Christ is there.”

The second concert took place in a Park where Restoration Life Christian Fellowship, our host church, organized an event for the community. In the middle of our fourth song IT DOWNPOURED! It was our first rain experience as a team. We had to stop the concert to protect our equipment, and this was hard to accept. God why!! Only he knows. But one thing we learned, and that is that even though we want our plans to work perfectly, God’s plans can be totally different, and His thoughts are higher than ours. A good thing about the situation was that we were able to respond as a team to the situation. Thank you God for your lessons and love for us.

The third concert was with City of Refuge Church in Rochester at another park in a neighborhood that is rather poor and almost completely Hispanic. It rained again, but this time the church provided a tent, so we didn’t have to cancel. God was also gracious in that it stopped raining in time for us to play and then started raining again two minutes after we finished. The pastor of the church did an altar call following the testimony from the band, and four people accepted Christ. We were also playing right next to a large apartment complex and many people were on their balconies listening. Who knows what the Lord did in those apartments. We pray that seeds would be watered and people changed.

Today we head out for New York City for a day of rest before our next concert.

God bless



hello all…

our first concert was an evangelistic set at a church in st. louis. it was awesome. the church itself used to be a synagogue. the black church bought it over 100 years ago, but they left it in its original state. there are still stars of David in the windows. the concert was amazing. the enemy definitely tried to throw us off. the sound system started acting up even though it was fine during sound check. a couple mics stopped working and a speaker started to smoke. turns out that we were plugged into the same circuit as the flourescent [wow i think i spelled that wrong] lights. but regardless of that mess, nine people gave their lives to Christ. one boy wrote on his comment card – i really really need Jesus. it was so heartwarming…


Mangofish On Tour


This is Stephanie from Mangofish. I wanted to give an update of our tour. We left on the 16th for our first concert in Dickinson, North Dakota. More than 50 people were there, and two people marked that they had prayed to receive Christ that night!! We could not have been more excited that God was using us like that. The next day we traveled to Medora, North Dakota, with the Badlands summer project, where we played in the city’s center square! We had a big turnout, with people wandering up after hearing the music from other places in town. One girl named Rachel said that she started a relationship with Christ that night, which was especially exciting to the people on the Medora summer project who have been building a relationship with her all summer. A man named Rod shared with us the story of how he had grown up in the church, but wandered away after a terrible injury. After even more personal (and recent) tragedies, on the night of our concert, he was driving through North Dakota and felt God calling him to go to Medora. He stopped and came to our show, where, as we were tearing down, he approached us. Sarah, one of our vocalists, got to pray for him, and he said he felt greatly encouraged and revived.

Right now we’re in Great Falls, Montana, at the Malmstrom Air Force Base. This is our third day here, with one show last night, and another in a few hours.
Last night, we took the place of the base’s casual church service and our audience commented they were especially grateful to hear a non-country music concert. Tonight, we will be performing at the air men’s hang out or commons called, “The Detour”. Our host, Chaplain Wells has created an event where the air men can come, eat, relax, and listen to music so we are excited to see who God will bring! We’ve been so blessed by the hospitality of our hosts, and it’s really been a chance to refresh ourselves for the rest of the tour. We’re praying that God opens the hearts of those who hear us, tonight and in the future, and that we can continue to be used by Him for whatever purposes He has.

Tomorrow we’re leaving for Yellowstone, to work with the summer project there.
We can’t wait and we love seeing what God is doing through us! Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.


Young Isaac On The Road

Hello Everyone!!!

Ed from Young Isaac here! We are currently in Harrisburg, PA and we’ve covered many miles on the road. It has been an exciting time and we’ve already seen many people come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior…

Our first outreach was at Christian Haven in Wheatfield, IN. It is a youth rehabilitation center for troubled teens. They were very ecstatic to hear us, and the gospel was well received. Several students indicated that they had accepted Jesus and many more were curious to talk about God.

After a long drive north, we found ourselves in Traverse City, Michigan where we did an outdoor show to the local neighborhood. It almost didn’t happen because of an issue with the power where when I flipped a switch there was a loud buzzing and a release of the magic smoke that makes power conditioner’s work. But a quick trip to Wal-Mart and a couple phone call’s later, we were back in business and rocking for Christ. Several more people here made decisions and indicated a longing to know God.

And to totally change the direction of our trip, we headed south to Harrisburg, PA. After two long days of travel, we got here, unloaded and got moving quickly. At this outreach we saw several more come to Christ and indicated that they want to talk more with us.

We’ve had some quirkiness so far, but it hasn’t been anything that God hasn’t gotten us through, so even though we’ve had a hiccup or two, it hasn’t stopped us from reaching the world for Christ. We’ve presented the gospel to over 150 people and have had over 30 say they want to know more about God and have had at least 12 say they are now brothers and sisters in Christ.

We will be heading to Boston, NYC, New Jersey, and Upstate NY in the next week, so pray for us as we put a ton of miles behind us and bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to those cities. Pray for our vocalist, our hands, our drivers, our ears, and for all those that we will come in contact with.

In Christ,


Swerve Tour

Greetings from the road.

Swerve has just finished our first concert. We made it safely to Orlando last night after two long days of traveling. We played for new staff training. About 25 new staffers showed up. The concert was very energetic and very well received. We head out to North Myrtle Beach early tomorrow morning.

Please keep us in your prayers.

God Bless,
Lindsey & Band

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